Escape Room, mistakes we make

Many times we consider going in a group to an Escape Room to have a good time with friends but, did you know what the most common mistakes in an Escape Room are?

What we have to take into account the most for the participation of an Escape Room is to be clear that the key factor is teamwork that, apparently, is usually forgotten once you enter the site. Now we will tell you the most common mistakes that, surely more than one of your friends has made.

Do not listening to your group

Something that usually happens in an Escape Room is that someone in your group focuses so much on something that his companions ignore. Many times these people are, for example, trying to open a lock without finding the clues of the combination, this is a very important mistake. On more than one occasion when this happens the person loses a lot of time and can delay the group. We want to remember, all at his time, sometimes by wanting to speed things up we get the opposite effect. Create constant feedback with your mates to solve the riddles sooner.

Discard clues

Sometimes we think that we are discarding a red herring and we fall into a big mistake, there are objects that can help us solve the puzzle. Some glasses, a flashlight, the poster of a trip … You cannot rule out anything in the environment because it may turn out to be the key to the solution.

Ignore the master

This is the biggest mistake your group can make, the master can give us clues or help us solve the riddles beforehand. It also gives us the plot of the story, what we can do inside the escape room and even key factors to solve the game, listen to it, it is very important.

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