Cruise with friends

If you are thinking of doing something in the summer with your group but you do not know what we propose a cruise with friends. Why a cruise? You are young, at night you go out and many times you do not go to bed until dawn, but when you want to visit something in the morning you do not mind staying up late and waking up early with the alarm clock.

Traveling by boat is one of the best options that you can consider, on a youth cruise the fun never sleeps. On board you can wake up early and dock the breakfast buffet or get up a little later and eat croissants and a cappuccino in the cruise pool with friends. The activities that are proposed to you range from games and contests to sports to keep you active, not to mention the night parties in the theater.

Do you fancy some bets? The cruise ship has a casino where you can have fun, always with responsibility. Now, what are the best destinations to go to?


First of all we find a classic, Ibiza, the city of nightlife full of attractive events for young people. Apart from nightlife, it also has daytime activities on beaches such as snorkeling or kayaking.


It is one of the most famous Greek islands chosen by all kinds of groups, partygoers, Americans, beach lovers and the LGTB community. There are a lot of activities that you can do on the cruise with friends in this city.


Another classic in cruises is Santorini, a city where blue and white stand out, with Perissa beach, black sand with a contrast of crystal clear waters.


Leaving Europe and embarking on a more American environment we find this international style icon. It has white sand beaches to take incredible photos to be the envy of your instagram.