Cordoba Fair with friends

One of the most important festivals in the city of Córdoba is its fair and it is ideal to go with friends. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, it will not be celebrated like other years with booths, but it will have attractions with which to release adrenaline. Traditional clothes invade the place during almost the entire fair.

Unlike previous editions, the attractions will be available from May 14 to 30, Thursday to Sunday, giving you plenty of time to visit them with friends. The capacity will be limited but with so much time available you can safely enjoy its attractions.

The Cordoba fair is held in commemoration of Our Lady of Health in Arenal. Normally, in addition to attractions, food stalls and booths, there is also a place for horsemen. The booths are usually decorated with flowers on the façade and are painted in bright, bright colors. The booths are public most of the time, so you can enter all of them for free.

Mayo Cordoba is a great experience in its entirety, the tasting, the battle of the flowers, the patios and, finally, the fair gives rise to a spring month full of colors. One of the most important attractions of these dates is the Cordoba climate, in the city of Córdoba there is a temperature in May that usually varies from 15 to 30 degrees, reaching over 30 during the fair. When you travel with friends, the temperatures and the sun are important, in Córdoba it does not usually rain much during the month of May. Except for two or three days of the fair there will always be sun guaranteeing. Don’t forget the sunscreen!. Many booths are open from 1:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Are you thinking of visiting the Cordoba Fair with friends? Contact us, we will manage the trip.